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”私たちの生活に必要な機械、例えば旅客機、冷蔵庫、車、タイプライターなどは私たちを魅了するような流線形を有している。ヘリコプターはどうであろうか。不安定で昆虫のような異様さ、そこに無機物と私たち、有機物の抗いようのない対立を感じる。幸運なことに有機的領域は、無機的領域に先立って私たちの進化の麓に手を伸ばしていた。”  JG バラード (1970) 残虐行為展覧会


“Most of the machines that surround our lives - airliners, refrigerators, cars and typewriters have streamlined their way into our affections. Now and then, as in the case of the helicopter, with its unstable, insect-like obsessiveness, we can see clearly the deep hostility of the mineral world. We are lucky that the organic realm reached the foot of the evolutionary ladder before the inorganic.” Ballard, J G. (1970). The Atrocity Exhibition. Jonathan cape.


As quoted sentences, we can see the stiff inorganic matters around us. For me, the most malicious object is not the machines but the buildings. Their bared aggression squeezes me in their intestine. Moreover, they develop themselves endlessly. I have been aware of the suppressive effects on the self by the buildings, and the city, as I had lived in Tokyo. Therefore, I have been attempting to express the relation that the inorganic matters envelop the organic self by using painting and industrial materials.

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