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Jina Song

A multi-disciplinary artist, originally from Korea, currently living in Glasgow.


Kaho Hayakawa

A Japanese painter, printmaker. Based on Japan.


Paige Silverman

A sculptor, installation artist. born in US, currently living in Glasgow.


Souya Handa

An artist and independent curator based in Tokyo, born in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, and grew up in Hatsukaichi and Hiroshima.



An artist who works in Shanghai and Glasgow


Yorgos Karras 


A Greek born visual artist. Currently living in Glasgow


Lydia Davies

A visual artist who makes video and photographic works. Currently living in Glasgow.


Yael Hovav

A painter. Born 1993, Jerusalem. Currently based in Glasgow.


Yumi Inagaki

An artist who make drawings and installation. based in Japan

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Hannah J Benassi


An artist and curator. Primarily making painting. based in Scotland, UK 

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Yena Park

An artist who primarily make installations with drawing and sculpture. Currently based in Glasgow.

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Shinya Ookuma

A painter works in Japan.

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Please tell me if you want to put the URL of your website or SNS account for works.

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